Metronaut, your teaching assistant

Motivate your students and enhance their learning with Metronaut digital music sheets

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You are a teacher or represent a music institution and wish to integrate Metronaut in your educational approach?
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Number of licenses needed
Work on Listening skills
Your students can practice playing with high quality piano and orchestra accompaniments. While motivating students to practice more, this will also train them to listen to other musicians when they practice, preparing them for ensembles and working with piano accompanists. Our catalog contains over 4,000 music sheets with accompaniments for all instruments and levels and keeps growing.
Adapt tempo to match their progress
You’re in full control of the digital score: Choose the speed of the accompaniment to follow the learning curve of your students or change the transposition to choose an easier key to play or sing. And all that while preserving the audio quality of the accompaniment.
Annotate and print the scores
Add indications or highlight the score for your student, as you would do on a regular sheet music. You can also print the score if you’d rather work on paper.
Help students tackle difficult parts
Your students can master difficult passages of the piece by playing them in loop without interruption. Help them further by activating the metronome or the solo so they can hear the part they have to play.