Metronaut: the tailor-made musical accompaniment app for classical musicians
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Play with Professional Orchestras and Musicians!
Enjoy our growing catalog of music accompaniments for every instrument and level. Metronaut’s accompanists are among the best orchestras and pianists and each accompaniment offers fully acoustic and high quality studio recordings.
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Take control over tempo and key
You’re in full control of the digital score: Play or sing hard or previously inaccessible pieces by choosing the speed of the accompaniment and discover pieces not written for your instrument thanks to automatic and quality preserving transposition.
Annotate and print the scores
Add indications or highlight the score for your student, as you would do on a regular sheet music. You can also print the score if you’d rather work on paper.
Take the lead and play at your own rhythm
Personalize your performance using our speed adaptation feature. Get empowered to play at your own rhythm throughout the piece: Metronaut adapts accompaniment tempo to your interpretation in real-time.
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The little I’ve seen on this app is impressive. For those missing Cadenza this could be the new replacement. Can’t wait till more music is added. Basically it’s a piano accompaniment to your practice. Great potential.
Finally a serious App for Musicians
This is not yet another sheet music App that tries to tap you away from paper with useless promises such as teaching you how to play! This is a real App for amateurs practicing music who wish bring excellence to their daily practice. You play with orchestras and high quality back tracks, high quality sheets and expanding repertoire.
I have been playing with this for a year now and can’t practice without it. I play flute and recommend it to anyone from amateurs to professionals looking for an accompaniment for solos.